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The Importance of Maintaining Your Home’s HVAC Many people use the term HVAC but some people might not know what it actually stands for; the acronym stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. When you look at it this way it is easy to see why this is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your house. Properly maintaining and servicing your HVAC system will ensure that it will run properly throughout the year. Industry standards recommend that your HVAC system is serviced two times throughout the year, once in the spring and once in the fall. This is because these are the seasons that you will switch from using the heat in your home to using the air conditioner. These are typically routine services that will just make sure that your system is running without any problems. They will clean the unit and make sure that all the parts are properly lubricated. When the specialist has had a chance to look at your system they can recommend some things to improve your unit. If your HVAC system were to break down it would not only be an inconvenience for you and your family but it could also be dangerous when the temperature gets below freezing. Being in a home without a working HVAC system during the winter could prove to be life threatening. If your home gets too cold you pipes could bust which would result in water damage and repairs that will not be cheap. In the summer time the heat can be dangerous as well, especially for old and young people.
One of the largest concerns when you HVAC unit is not working how it should is the effect it has on your energy consumption. When it comes to your utility bill, heating and cooling your home will be the largest percent each month. When your system does not work normally then this expense will be magnified. If you have something wrong with your system a specialist will be able to check and repair your unit. You may think that having your system serviced twice a year is a wasted expense but it could save you money if your system were to break or if it is not running efficiently.
Many of the more expensive repairs that happen with HVAC systems can actually avoided if the owner just opted to have the unit maintain regularly. Like a vehicle, an HVAC system needs to be inspected and service on a regular basis, this will prevent the small problems from turning into big problems. It is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain a unit than to repair or replace a unit because it was neglected. Your HVAC is an investment and should be treated as such, if it is it will last a long time.

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52 inch Dresser

The Brooke Black dresser is crafted of poplar solids in a black finish. The six-drawer dresser features French dovetail construction on the front and English dovetail construction on the back, wood on wood drawer guides with stopper, dust proof, antique finish pull and knob hardware. Also available in a white finish. Mirror sold separately.


Whether you choose easy-assembly or ready assembled, we only offer you quality furniture using quality materials that are built to last.
Solid wood furniture

The most luxurious of all our furniture. It shows the natural beauty of wood with its grain, knots and variations of colour that can change over time, to give your furniture its unique characteristics and look.
Wood veneer furniture

They look similar to solid wood, but cost a fraction of the price. They use thin layers of real wood to create more decorative finishes.
Wood-effect finish furniture

This material has all the look of solid or veneer wood but for a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Some wood-effect finishes also have an embossed grain-effect that feel like real furniture too.

Wood-effect furniture has some advantages over real wood too: it’s easy to wipe clean, the colour and appearance is more even and it’s stain-, scratch- and warp-resistant so it’s especially ideal for younger families. A wood-effect finish is a heavyweight foil or paper veneer, which is fixed to MDF or particle board.

This is wood-effect furniture which is specially coated to be extra durable and scratch-resistant.
Hi gloss furniture

This high sheen finish creates looks that are totally cool and contemporary or totally luxurious.
Glass furniture

Glass can brighten up any room by creating a sense of space, openness and light. It’s also colour neutral as you can use it with any pattern or colour no matter how many times you change your decor.

Safety first: All our glass has passed the British Safety Standards BS6202 and is tempered so that it’s much stronger glass.

Ready assembled or easy assembly furniture?

Ready Assembled furniture

Short of time or not very confident at DIY? Then try our Ready assembled furniture collections. We deliver them direct to you fully assembled or with minimal assembly and in most cases are delivered to the room of your choice and the packaging removed. So all you need to do is just fill them!
Easy Assembly

A bit of time spent by you could save you a packet. Easy assembly furniture costs us less to produce, store and transport, so we pass these savings onto you as lower prices. Our step-by-step instructions make it easy to assemble.

Living Room Furniture

Choosing the right type of livin room furniture to buy is made much simpler with our Livin Room Furniture Buying Guide. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further information about the livin room furniture area you’re interested in:

Ready assembled or easy assembly furniture? – How to choose what’s best for you.

Display cabinets – Great ways to show off your precious possessions.

Occasional tables – From side tables to trunks, we’ve all you need.

Quality – From solid wood to glass, we guide you through all the materials.

Measure up – How to make sure that it will fit in your room and through your door.

Keeping your furniture looking its best – How to clean, polish and care for your home office furniture.